Is there a wall between your Sales and Service departments?

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New Vehicle Sales are down almost 80% for most dealerships in Canada while service departments can barely keep up with the demand! 

Connect the dots and maximize your selling opportunities automatically from your service customers.


Find Out How Drive Automates Your Sales Pipeline

Both your sales and, more importantly, your Service only customers get automated offers via Email and SMS. Why ignore 50% of your database with traditional equity tools? Drive offers are based on your customer's existing vehicle, your real-time inventory and your OEM's monthly incentives.


Automatically send personalized offers

See exactly who is in your database

Drive categorizes your database by opportunities including those who qualify for Lower Payment, Higher Payment, Paid Off Contract, Cash Deals, Lease Expiration, Service Upgrade and Service Buyback.

Maximize the sales potential 
in your service department

Dozens of customers, everyday, make appointments with you voluntarily. Drive checks which customers are in your service drive today and qualify for an upgrade offer. Drive connects service and sales departments by creating qualified leads that convert to more sales.

Maximize the sales potential in your service department

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What we offer?


See exactly who
is in your database.

Send automated offers to your service and sales customers - via Email or SMS.


Why spend so much to get customers in through the front door when your service drive is full? Want to break down the barrier and convert those service customers to sales?


Connect service and sales departments.